Do you feel like you are at a
crossroads in your life?

Or simply feel a pull to connect with your inner self, increase your intuition, spirituality and grow your income doing what you love?


Learn how to connect with your True Self and establish
daily habits for long lasting success doing what you
were truly born to do…

In the Connect to U Self Discovery Program you will learn:

  • How to surrender, let go and listen to your inner voice for guidance on your next step (and it’s easier than you think)
  • How to go from the “I dont know” land to daily clarity and confidence (surprising others around you with your new “Abundant” mindset)
  • Tricks to getting more things done during the day and enjoying the process
  • The “mindset” for attracting the conditions you want in your life
  • Allow your perfect clients to come find you, for the unique skills and talents you have already, and pay you high fees to work with you

“You can easily find your true self right now by weaving a little spirituality into your every day life – and without leaving your job or going to India. You can do it right here, today – and it’s both easy and fun.”


Hello Soul Friend

Do you feel disconnected or uncertain about what to do next? I understand , I’ve been there too.

I always knew throughout my life I’m here to help people –
But a few years ago I found myself living a life I was terrified to end up with: Then 6 years ago I just had enough, and I finally gave myself permission to surrender and see what I was truly meant to do.

As soon as I let go, a bunch of crazy and incredible synchronistic events began to happen in my life that changed my world. I now LOVE the work I share with the world, I’m happy in my relationships, and I feel fantastic. I’m now here to help you discover this inner power too, and save you years of trial and error.

You don’t have to keep struggling on your own like most people do. Your powers are waiting for you to claim them, and I can show you how – right now!

Jennifer Lyall

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Business Mentor,
Dowsing Ambassador

“Being in touch with the soul is the secret of great leadership.
We are all capable of following the path that unites body, mind, heart & soul by making a soul connection. Your true purpose in life will become the foundation of everything you do.”

~ Deepak Chopra, The Soul of Leadership

The intention of Connect to U is to connect the soul with the heart and mind and invite the ego to take a break, allowing you to more easily distinguish the voice of the soul and follow its guidance.

Included in this Self Discovery program is:
Connect to U Guidebook – to guide you through the process
Connect to U Journal – to capture your journey and track your progress
Karma Clearing Meditation – to clear your energy field- listen to it over and over again.
Connect To U Meditation – to facilitate a deep and sacred connection to your soul
Videos and exercises to support you in developing your intuition
Lifetime access to Connect to U Membership Site
Total Value

Connect to U Self Discovery Program:
Total Value $595

Regular Energy Investment: $197




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“I would recommend these meditations of healing for those who would like to obtain a higher level of peace and awareness.
I am completely blessed to have been given the gift of the Karma clearing meditation video, along with the Connect To U guided meditation video for men. Connect to U is a blessing of unconditional Love.”

~ Andrew, Toronto, Canada

This is a one of a kind spiritual program
which will show you:

  • How easy it can be to get unstuck in your life with my proven and simple method you can use daily
  • How to shift from pleasing others, being plagued by Self Doubt to believing in your Intuition, allowing you to finally have fun, trust and enjoy your relationships.
  • How you can change gears from figuring things out in your head to intuitively knowing how to successfully have a career in helping others – and LOVING it!
  • And how to finally feel that you are enough.

If you want to get unstuck – and save
yourself years of trial and error figuring things out alone on your spiritual journey.





SSL site seal - click to verifyYour order is safe and secure. All transactions with this website are secure and verified by the following 3rd-party vendors.

“You already can make the right decisions in your business and your life. I’m just going to show you how you can actually enjoy the results you get, without sabotaging yourself again”
– Jennifer Lyall

Here is what people are saying:


I felt immediate, tangible physical and energetic effects from the energy clearing. Jennifer’s Connect To U came to me at exactly the right time in my life. I left confidently connected to my life’s purpose and committed to a path and action plan.

Ramona Ng  ~ Toronto, Canada


I feel like the whole session was made specifically for me … I experienced the Connect To U Self Discovery Program and I felt like every word, every image, every sound spoke directly to me — it was perfect … and I actually felt a real physical change when my ego stepped down. Tensions immediately disappeared and my whole body, especially my neck and shoulders relaxed. I felt warmth circulating throughout my body and my skin warming. Now I just feel the need to soak in a warm bath and rest … I look forward to integrating over the next days and weeks and journalling about the experience.  What a beautiful experience. With deepest gratitude, love and sincerity I thank you.
Laura ~ Toronto, Canada


I’m beyond grateful for having Jennifer Lyall I my life!!!!
Jennifer helped me to finally accept my gifts and start sharing them with 20+ clients in 1 week.
My hat’s off to Jennifer’s super ability to create a bridge!!!!!
In the last 3 weeks, I’ve spent over 30 hours in one-on-one coaching sessions with beautiful souls around the globe! Each and everyone left with new vision of their beauty and greatness!
Halyna ~ Toronto, Canada


Jennifer provides a safe and peaceful environment for Connect To U. The first few weeks after my session, I didn’t notice a big difference.

Within 6 weeks, however, my stress level went from an 11/10 the morning of my session to 2/10 as my ego let go of having to know “how” and “why” things were happening or going to happen. I’m going with the flow more and looking at things from a new perspective.

Karen ~ Milton, Canada  






SSL site seal - click to verifyYour order is safe and secure. All transactions with this website are secure and verified by the following 3rd-party vendors.

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