What are you bringing to your business?

Have you ever witnessed people who seem to have a sixth sense about business? They are very grounded, make decisions swiftly yet thoroughly, and seem to maneuver their way through the business world with ease and great success. They appear to have the instincts of a cheetah, knowing when to leap into action, and when to hang back and wait. They operate with focus and passion.

Do you wish you could bring more of these skills and talents into your life and business?

You can definitely learn these skills. While some people appear to be born with these skills, it really is about working through many experiences, continual learning and evolving into a place of confidence, integrity and passion.

You are the foundation of your business, so it is vitally important that you are happy, positive, healthy and nurtured in order to see the same qualities in your thriving business! The success in your career is more about who you are being in your business than what you are doing.

Are you on fire and leaping forward?

Are you open and ready to take advantage of opportunities that land in your lap?

Are you gaining courage, still getting steady on your feet but eager to start running?

Or maybe you’re curious and defining and refining what your vision is…

Wherever you are, I can give you the self-discovery and self-accountability tools to connect with your soul and your internal Truth Detector so you can confidently step into your rockstar self and start living your full potential — the life of your dreams!

What is a Truth Detector?

As a Truth Detector, I actively listen to what you say, paying soulful attention to the energy of your words; the vibration of the words themselves, the emotion behind them and how you say them. I’m able to distill your genuine truth down to just a few of your words. It’s uncanny! You can actually feel the resonance, the connection of the core idea, that truth within your soul.
I also provide you with tools and exercises to develop your intuition and learn how to listen to your own truth detector. This helps you stay on track for living your truth.

“Business Soul-utions has left a profound impact on my personal and business life.

Thank you so much for all the love, support, encouragement, tools and incredible energy that you have blessed us with over the last 6 weeks. I have so enjoyed our time together in the Soulful Business Visioning group coaching program and all the things I learned.

The tools and videos you shared with us are wonderful and very helpful.

Many profound insights have shifted things within me and are moving me and my business in a more crystalized direction.”

Inga B. ~ Pathway to Bliss

Business Soul-utions can help you...

Follow your passion and use it as a benchmark for decision making

Create a vision for you and your business, encompassing ALL areas of your life

Ground your ideas, cut through clutter and get clear on what you really want

Be happier in your daily life and watch your business thrive

Build your instinctive muscle to guide you along the way

One-on-One Coaching Program

Intuitive Business Clarity Coaching Program — 8 week Program

This package is for someone who needs Clarity with how to move forward in their business.

It can be for someone who is feeling restless or out of integrity with their current business and they want to shift directions, but they are not clear on where to go.

Or, it could be that you know you want to go bigger with what you offer, but you have no idea what to do, or which idea to begin with.

This program begins with the Connect to U Program, a 2 hours sacred ceremony that connects your soul with your heart and your mind, so you can make intuitively make decisions that are in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Then, we’ll continue with a 2 hour Intuitive Business Clarity Session, to tune in to the energy of your business, and discover what wants to be birthed, and create it in a manner that supports your personal needs as well.

In the following 6 calls, we start to bring the vision to life, clearing away any remaining blocks, and focusing your attention and intention to help you build momentum to move forward powerfully.

 We will turn on your Truth Detector to support you in developing your skills to not only discover a Soul-ution that meets your needs now and also prepares you to confidentlymake intuitive decisions in the future.  I love my work   We will work through:

  • Gaining clarity on the situation
  • Diffusing any stressors around the situation
  • Tuning in to what your passion is
  • Getting clear on your vision
  • Identifying what’s really blocking you
  • Outlining the best plan of action to begin with
  • Revealing new possibilities that haven’t been previously considered
  • Reviewing ways to take care of you inside and outside of work, to keep you calm, grounded and focused

8 weekly 1-hour calls. Value $1,350 Energy Investment: $895 Payment Plan Option: 2 x $500 BUY NOW PAYMENT PLAN

“Through Jennifer’s One-on-One Spiritual Business Coaching session, she was able to distill the energy that I need to convey in my business. The words Heart, Fun and Transformation came through loud and clear. I felt empowered and it enabled me to apply to to my business by being clear on my mindset and shifting my emotions into manifesting my desired outcome.”

Susan Kirschilling ~ Slimming With Us

Business Clarity Planning Session

This intensive 2 hour session will help you get clear on how to move forward in your business.

We’re tuning into your soul and the soul of your business to bring you the guidance on how you can best flow forward with your business.

We’ll intuitively tune in to what projects have the best energy and what is the perfect timing to launch them.  You’ll understand what your personal needs are and who you need to be in order to bring everything to life effectively and efficiently.

By the end of the session, you’ll have an overview of the year ahead with ideal timing for your personal and professional needs.  This structure will help you with decision making throughout the year, as it will keep you focused on your goals and what is most important for you.

This is ideally packaged with a 6 sessions of Magic to support you in clearing blocks, shifting energy, letting go of fears and creating focus to maintain your vibration so you can be who you need to be to bring your soul’s purpose to Fruition.

Create your Intuitive Business Plan so you can have the best year ever!


Energy Investment: $300


Sessions are offered by Skype, phone or in person, Tuesday-Friday, 10am-3pm. I am located in Burlington, Ontario (Canada), which is easily accessible from the west Greater Toronto Area including Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton, Waterdown, Ancaster, Acton, Milton, Stoney Creek and Bronte.

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