Finding the Courage to Be Me

  • Finding the Courage to Be Me

    It takes courage to put yourself out there. There’s fear of judgement, the thoughts of whether or not I’m good enough. It’s a journey that I’ve been on for many years.

  • Do You Notice All of the Magic in Your Life?

    We are surrounded by magic and amazing synchronisities. Are you present to this? Do you notice the magic in your life?

  • Discovering My True Self

    I believe that we’re all here to discover our true selves. And that every life experience is an opportunity for growth, expansion and a step closer to that truth. Sometimes we’re stepping into it. And sometimes we’re shying away from it.

  • What is soul searching?

    Soul searching means different things to different people. I think the common thread you will discover is that it is an inward journey to discovering what is true for you, and how you can live a fulfilling life…

  • Your words have energy

    Like me, you may have heard many times before how powerful words are, and to choose your words carefully. I’ve seen the images of the water crystals of Dr. Masuru Emoto’s research, however, it isn’t until I conducted my own experience that I really GOT how powerful our words are…

  • How to soul search

    I don’t think there is one particular way to search your soul. It’s different for each person. I think that the hardest thing for people as they get started is that they don’t know how to start. And interestingly enough, that is why most people don’t find what they are looking for…

  • Do people treat you differently based on how you look?

    It seemed like everyone noticed me. The gentlemen were more gentlemenly, I got lots of hugs (I usually get hugs, but even people who don’t normally give me hugs were hugging me) and people were commenting that they didn’t recognize me…

  • 5 Soul searching questions to ask yourself

    There comes a time when you simply feel like there is meant to be more to life. Life is supposed to be juicier than this! There are other people living amazing lives and I know I deserve it too…

  • The Truth About Your Relationship With Money

    Have you taken time to reflect on what’s really going on in your relationship with money? I had an aha moment this morning, that was pretty spectacular.

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